Massacre in Lybeniq

Seven members of Hamzaj family executed by the Serb police forces

Prishtina, 2 June (ARTA) 2300CET--

On 25 May, ARTA reported that eight people had been executed by the Serbian police in the village of Lybeniq (90km west of Prishtina), in the Dukagjin region. The combined military/police operations are still going on in this region. Due to the total blockade imposed by the Serbian authorities, access to this war zone is almost impossible.

None of the international humanitarian organizations have been allowed to reach this zone, therefore, it is impossible to ascertain the number of mortal victims of this bloody attack on the Albanian civilian population.

The photographs shown below are the proof that the Hamzaj were brutally executed in front of their house which was totally burned and destroyed. 

Lybeniq03.jpg (11378 bytes)

Document compiled by Dr S D Stein
Last update 07/04/99
ęS D Stein
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